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SmartProject Integration = Better Execution & Improved Comps

Granular Execution Management

Retail is Detail.  SmartProject Provides a Level of Detail Visibility and Execution Workflows to Facilitate Complete Execution of Corporate Merchandising Initiatives. Customized Workorders Assure Collection of Key Data and Identification of Store Level Issues.

Fixture/POP Management Workflow

SmartProject Integrated POP Management Tools are a Standardized Set of Workflows to Manage Store Issues, Reorders, Fixture Confirmation, Enterprise Integration Combined With Utilization Analytics.

Capacity Management/Scheduling

SmartProject Scheduling Workflows Allow Your Team to Manage Store Personnel Capacity to Execute Projects as Well as Provides a Level of Schedule Control Not Available in Non-Enterprise Grade Applications.

Enterprise System Integration

SmartProject Standard API's Provide a Standard Interface to Connect Actual Execution Data to Key Enterprise Systems Such as Procurement, Plan-o-gramming, Space Management, Execution Planning, Etc.  This Integration Protects Existing Corporate Workflows and Financial Controls.

SmartMap Integration

SmartProject Direct Real Time Integration to SmartMap Space Management With Automated Update of Mapped Plan-o-gram Data Assures That Execution and Space are Always in Synch.  This is Critical for the Current Project as Well as Future Space Planning Decisions.

Advanced Technology

SmartProject Employs Advanced Technology to Deliver High ROI For Your Investment.  Our Technology Includes Custom CAD Integration, Image Recognition, Google Cloud Analytic Integration, Etc.

Fairshare Management

SmartProject Fairshare Utilities Manage Calculation and Allocation of Project Charges Between Suppliers By Store Format, Rack Count, Share of Shelf, Etc.

Store Communication

Communication Between Corporate and Stores is Typically Disjointed at Best Requiring Multiple Systems and Multiple Workflows to Execute.  SmartProject Provides a Standardized Comprenhensive Workflow to Drive Communication

Issue Management Workflow

SmartProject Issue Management Tools Provide a Level of Visibility and Bi-Directional Resolution Communication to Drive Full Cycle Issue Identification and Resolution.

Third Party Management

Third Party Management is Tough.  SmartProject Third Party Tools Manage Third Party Log In/Log Out, Scheduling, Attendance, Personnel Provided, Certification Along With Third Party Corporate Dashboards to Manage Performance & Quality Control.

User Defined Reporting

What Gets Measured Gets Done.  SmartProject Reporting Platform is the Most Comprehensive Available.  Standard Reporting Combined With User Defined Reporting Tools Provides Your Team The Visibility Available. 

Project Phase Execution Tools

SmartProject Phase Planning Tools Support Execution of Large Scale, Multi-Day, Multi-Shift Programs.  The Detail Phasing Process Allows for Granular Activity Sequencing and Reporting Across the Entire Project to Insure all Required Steps are Completed.

Integrated Quality Control

Quality Control is Critical to Your Projects to Assure the Business Realizes the Planned ROI.  SmartProject Integrated QC Tools Provide a Standardized Workflow For Photo Review, Data Mining, Image Recognition Results, Etc.

AI Image Recognition

Integrated Image Recognition Capabilities Provide Automated Tools to Manage Out of Stocks, Product Distribution, New Item Cut-in & Quality Assurance Processes.


Project Execution Issues Reducing Your Comps & Profits

No Real-Time Visibility

Standard Retailer EMS Systems Typically Are Very Rudimentary With Standard Yes/No Workorder and No or Limited Digital Imaging Integration.  These Systems Leave You Flying in the Dark Around What Was Executed, How Was It Executed and What Were the Issues.

Multiple Ancillary Systems

Projects Today are Managed Across Multiple Disconnected Systems From Store Comm Tools to Space Planning to Scheduling to Actual Execution. Consolidation of These Ancillary Systems is Critical to Accelerate Your Execution Opportunities and Reduce Cost of Maintaining These Additional Systems.

No Third Party Accountability Tools

Third Party Management is Tough.  Accountability is Always Lacking as Retailer or Supplier is 100% Dependent on Third Party Actually Executing Against Schedule. This Combined With Lack of Visibility to What Was Done, What Were the Issues, etc. Significantly Reduces the Expected Project ROI.

Limited Store Accountability

Standard Retailer EMS Tools Do Not Hold Stores Accountable for Execution of Corporate Initiatives.  The National Average for Store Execution of Corporate Initiatives is Less Than 70% for Standard Retail Projects & Less Than 55% for Promotional Activity.  This Lack of Accountability is a Comp and Margin Killer.

No Integration

Retailer EMS Systems Typically Have No or Limited Integration to Procurement, Collateral, Space Planning, and Quality Control.  Lack of Integration Costs Retailers Millions Annually in Missed Comp Opportunities, Increased Inventories and Excessive Fixture/POP Costs.

Lack of Store Communication

Direct Store Communication is Critical to Your Success.  Today Lack of Communication is Killing Your Ability to Move Quickly and With Confidence Around Execution, Capacity, Space, Collateral and Procurement. 

Lack of Issue Management

Store Issues are a Part of Retail Execution.  There is No Avoiding Them.  The Lack of Standardized Approach Leaves Outstanding Issues, That Impact Your Sales Everyday, Unresolved.  Lack of Resolution SLA's Allow Lax Accountability For Getting The Issues Resolved At All.

No Plan to Actual Store Condition

Projects are Planned From Typically Planned From Prior Knowledge or Store Surveys Which Both are Notoriously Inaccurate.  The Inability to Plan and Execute Against Actual Store Conditions is Critical to Controlling Execution Costs and Driving Planned Program ROI.