Optimize Your Space to Optimize Your Profits

SmartMap Drives Your Comps & Productivity

Space Capture

Understanding Your Space is Critical.  SmartMap Proprietary Space Mapping Process Quickly Captures Your Space at the Fixture/Plan-o-gram Level Providing the Basis for Macro Space & Operations Optimization.

Store Communication

SmartMap Proprietary Store Communication Workflow Keeps Corporate Space Planning in Sync With Real World Store Conditions by Keeping Corporate & Store in Constant Communication Within Consistent Workflow Process.

SmartProject Integration

Project Execution and Visibility of That Execution is Critical to Space Planning Accuracy.  SmartMap Proprietary Project Reservation Tools Provide Max Visibility to Future Space Impact Along With Automated Floorplan Update to New Plan-o-Gram Upon Project Completion.

AutoCAD Integration

SmartMap Proprietary CAD Toolset Provides Direct Integration to Your AutoCAD Data.  This Bi-directional Synchronization Eliminates Cost of Maintaining DWG Library on Store by Store Basis and Insures Your Team is Always Utilizing the Most Current Data.

User Defined Reporting

SmartMap User Defined Reporting Tools are Easy to Use and Allow Your Team to Go Directly to the Data They Need With Digital Images, Store Attribute Data, Execution Data, Etc.

Macro Store Optimization

Macro Store Optimization With Specific Recommendations is the Holy Grail.  SmartMap Provides the Basis to Manage Margin and GMROI Across Macro Store While Controlling Inventory and Improving Supply Chain to Deliver Improved, Consistent Chain Profitability.

Space Visualization

SmartMap Spatial Allows Your Team to Visualize Your Entire Floorplan With Merchandising, Racking, Planning, Execution Layer Overlays to Facilitate Better & More Profitable Allocation and Location Decisions.

Fixture & POP Management

SmartMap Collateral & Fixture Integration Tools Utilize Mapped Store Attributes Such as Dimensional, Orientation, Store Type, Fixture Type to Increase Efficiency of Procurement and Store Allocation Process to Reduce Waste and Missed Selling Opportunities.

SmartAIX Integration

SmartMap Combined With SmartAIX Provides Your Merchandising, Space Planning & Analytic Teams a Reality Based View of Current Store Conditions With Space, Location, Adjacency and Execution Overlays for a 360 Degree View of Store & Category Productivity. 

Enterprise Integration

SmartMap Standard API's and Integrated Workflow Tools Facilitate Integration With Your Existing Enterprise Systems Including Plan-o-gram, Collateral, Procurement & Order Management.  These Integrations Provide Fast Implementation, Improved Cost Control and Better Plan Management Across the Enterprise.

Store Attribute Management

SmartMap Store Attribute Tools Allow Extreme Customization and Management of Store Attributes That Impact Your Comps.  

Peripheral System Elimination

Typical Retail Organizations Utilize a Number of Internal Systems to Manage the Business but Almost Always End Up Managing From a Spreadsheet.  SmartMap Inegrations Provide a Single Source of Truth For Your Team.  Typically SmartPMX Platform Will Eliminate 10 - 12 Internal Systems Including the Cost of These Systems.


Space Management Issues Reducing Your Comps & Profits

Inaccurate CAD Drawings

The direct cost of maintaining AutoCAD drawings as resets and store specific changes are executed is significant but even more significant is increased cost of executing retail initiatives including labor, fixtures and signage due to lack of visibility and accuracy of floorplan.

Inability to Plan to Actual Space

The lack of tools and visibility to plan against actual space creates costly execution issues relative to bad labor planning, over/under order of fixtures and POP and missing or damaged steel.

No Clustering or Cluster Optimization

No visibility to space based clustering attributes such as rack configuration, category allocation, product mix, plan-o-gram flow & configuration.  Real time cluster capability utilizing these attributes is not available at scale.

Inaccurate Store Surveys

With An Average of 75% of Store Surveys Actually Completed Combined With 50% Accuracy Rate, Your Team is Flying Blind Relative to Store Conditions.  Average Annual Cost to Big Box Retailer is Typically $2M to $4M For This Level of Data. 

Inability to Analyze Space Data

The ability to analyze store specific space and allocation data is important but even more important is ability to query and analyze full chain space and performance data to understand full chain data in real time.  This intelligence allows for fast accurate decisions around allocation, promotional and spatial comp opportunities.

No Dynamic Product Locator Support

AutoCAD or other floorplanning tools provides no dynamic item accurate product locator support.  This functionality is critical to driving customer satisfaction and retention.  The lack of accurate product locator reduces the sale conversion rate by more than 35%.

Space Data Managed on Spreadsheets

Typically space and execution are managed on spreadsheets or desktop databases.  The probability of significant data errors or complete misses are very high as these data sources are typically out of date, incomplete or out of sync with actual store data.

No Display Support Integration

Most Organizations Have Virtually No Integration Between Space and Critical Procurement Decisions Around Fixtures, Signage, Labor, Etc.  This Lack of Integration Results in Critical Signage or Fixtures Not Available When Required or Over Buying Due to Lack of Visibility to Orientation, Space Allocation and Plan-o-gram.